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Bureau Manager
Norm McCourt

Asst. Manager
Paul Haefner

Sorter Co-Ordinator
Rich Zysk


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Welcome to the  WØ  QSL Bureau

(10th District)

Welcome to the  Home of the Tenth District QSL Bureau

WØ QSL Bureau
PO Box 907
Florissant, MO

The  Bureau Manager is Norm McCourt - ACØN. 

The Assistant Manager is Paul Haefner - KØJPL.

Norm and Paul are being assisted by 23 other sorter volunteers.

Thanks also to Rich Zysk, KØGSV, who did most of the leg work to keep the bureau going uninterrupted and transferred over to the new manager.

Our goal is to provide you with a top-notch QSL Bureau and to get cards out to you every three months


For all general inquiries, please send us an E-Mail by clicking here.

The W QSL Bureau is Sponsored by the Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club (MVDXCC) in St. Louis, MO and has been a project of the club since September of 2005.

You can support MVDXCC by becoming an Associate Member and in this way not only support the Zero Bureau but also the other worthwhile initiatives that MVDXCC supports with its membership dues.

Bureau News

  2009 Zero Bureau Mailing Schedule

The W Bureau is trying to maximize the cost effectiveness of our mailings and your supplies while still providing responsive service to Bureau users as well as work within the United States Postal Service regulations.

To do this Bureau Sorters will mail cards out quarterly, as appropriate. You can expect to receive mailings in February, April, June & October if you have recieved sufficient cards.

Each December we will have one mailing without regard to the number of cards being sent. This will allow us to send you any cards that may have accumulated. Therefore you may receive a mailing in December even if you only have one card.

The contents of this site are monitored, updated & maintained by Rich- KØGSV & Steve-WSJS